Curtis & Leah Looper

“Leah, how are you feeling?”

        “Peaceful,” she said with the sweetest grin.

What joy it is knowing that what you are about to do is right and there is nothing in your soul that disagrees.

“Wow, just wow.”

There was nothing uptight or artificial about this intimate ceremony at The Clark House.  Only light hearts, laughter and pure & simple joy.  

The reactions are priceless when the officiant accidentally referred to Curtis as his brother Caleb. Oops! :)

Mr. and Mrs. Curtis & Leah Looper!

Party on!

Thank you to the Spear & Looper family for inviting me to document this wedding!  I seriously had tears well up in my eyes behind camera watching how much you love each other.  Cheers to Curtis & Leah!!

Location: The Clark House - Livingston, TN
Hair & Makeup: Sierra Mack Wilson

All photos © Sadie Schuck 2014 

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