Review, Part I

Hi, there! I am thrilled because I have been asked by to review some of their products and share my experience with you! I am always on the lookout for companies that do quality work so my clients can have their photos printed on quality papers that will last. I have heard of Minted before, but I've never really looked into what they do. I love that they sell independent artists' work! 

It is also pretty perfect timing that they asked me to do this because I have plenty of bare spaces on my walls and have been brainstorming ways to put something meaningful and lovely in those places. My goal was to find an art print that would pair well with one of my own portraits I made of my daughter Flora Mae. I decided upon this black and white image.

God, help me. Those cheeks!

The site design is quite clean and super easy to navigate. I love the "favorite" feature because you can kind of go into your own world scrolling through all the gorgeous prints and not lose track of what you like! Honestly, it was hard to choose what art print I wanted because there is such a variety, and, really, I want it ALL! But we can't have all the lovely prints, now can we? Thankfully, I was able to choose "Flora in Peach II". I picked it because it is bright and had lots of green...and because my daughter's name is Flora Mae!

The framing options are lovely--at least in appearance! I am hoping the quality is also lovely. They have some respectable and desirable designs. Many businesses like this have horrendous, cheap, and cheesy framing options leaving me to frame my work myself, but look at these! Adorable! I'll let you know how these turn out!

Until then!