I do believe it is going to be a good year

Happy brand new, beautiful year! Also, happy happy birthday to my adorable husband Kevin, the biggest supporter of my dreams!  I can't imagine life without this kindhearted, cheerful, patient, hard-working, talented fellow!  See some images I created of him this past December.

Reflecting on 2013 and celebrating the life of my husband fills my soul with gratitude.  It surely has been a transformational year for the both of us.  Kevin has played a huge role in my growth as a person and as a photographer--he is truly my champion and best friend.  I know I sound like a cheese biscuit, but I am genuinely honored to get to wildly chase both of our dreams with Kevin!

I’ve thought a lot about what I want 2014 to look like.  This year I want to live a life that is lighter, balanced, focused, and adventurous.  What about you?

What are some words that you would use to describe the kind of 2014 you desire to have?