A beautiful new space & Erin, Fit Rocker Chick!

Wow, finally. I am seriously full of joy because you are reading this right now...wow, thank you! I have been working tirelessly on my new place here, just dying to finally show it to you!  I hope you will take some time to view some of my favorite works displayed throughout this website.  I am very proud and honored to have been asked to make these images for my clients.  No person has the same face, talents, passions, occupation, culture, etc. This is the reason I love portraiture! You are all so beautiful and I am seriously lucky to get to know you!  I look forward to sharing my current and future client's stories and photographs here.  

I am pleased to start us off by introducing you to Erin!  If you don't know her yet and what she is all about, go check out her website and follow her Instagram! You will see how she is one inspiring, fierce, and encouraging lady!  Our shoot together was a total blast and I am so thankful to be able to work with her alongside stylist and friend, Sierra Mack Wilson! Seriously a dream team.  Thank you to everyone that helped make this shoot a success!

See some of these images featured on her website fitrockerchick.com
Also, please check out the beautiful work of Sierra Mack Wilson from Troubadour Salon.

Thank you to my best friend, Ashley Williams for assisting!