Review, Part II

Hello, hello! Glad you came back to see my review of my experience ordering from Minted! Although this is a sponsored review, I have no problem giving you my honest opinion even if it isn't a positive one. I ordered my prints on April 13 and received them on April 17. Pretty great for the standard & cheapest shipping available! Everything was packaged perfectly, beautifully, and safely! I was stoked when I opened the box and saw how gorgeous everything is! Have you ever ordered a print only to be disappointed that the coloring and quality was off? (AHEM, see this great article about the importance of where you print your photographs.) The photo print did not disappoint! It looks exactly as I intended it to look. Minted isn't the cheapest around so I was hoping the quality would make it worth the price. As you can see below, the products are stunning.

I'm so thrilled with the quality & look of the framing! 

Look! Comes ready to hang! Thank God, because hanging does not come easily for me. ;)

If you read my first post here, you'll remember I ordered the "Antique Filligree" frame for my photo print of Flora Mae. They accidentally sent a plain black frame, but instead of wallowing in sadness I figured this would be a great opportunity to review their customer service experience for you. This kind of thing happens all the time and how a company handles situations like this greatly impacts whether or not I will order from that company again. It was super easy to contact them via their website and let them know what happened. They were kind and prompt in responding to the issue and offered to send a reprint with the correct frame, no other questions asked! I feel satisfied that when I order from them in the future they will make it right if something happens again!

Flora Mae is 7 months old now and it just got me thinking that she will be a year old not long from now! I might already have her first birthday party planned in my mind. A friend told me she ordered her wedding invitations through Minted and loved them, so I've been perusing the Minted's Kids Birthday Invites and found these two gems!

Perfect for a little girl named Flora! The second one is my favorite! Their invitations are so versatile and you can choose from different high quality papers and color schemes!

If you want a Minted art piece for your own home, click here! You will get $25 toward your first purchase starting at $50 if you use this link! Awesome!!

Note: I won the gorgeous "Present Over Perfect" print in a contest Lindsay Letters & one of my favorite authors Shauna Niequist held and I think my new artwork goes beautifully with it! I adore this new little space in my living room! Review, Part I

Hi, there! I am thrilled because I have been asked by to review some of their products and share my experience with you! I am always on the lookout for companies that do quality work so my clients can have their photos printed on quality papers that will last. I have heard of Minted before, but I've never really looked into what they do. I love that they sell independent artists' work! 

It is also pretty perfect timing that they asked me to do this because I have plenty of bare spaces on my walls and have been brainstorming ways to put something meaningful and lovely in those places. My goal was to find an art print that would pair well with one of my own portraits I made of my daughter Flora Mae. I decided upon this black and white image.

God, help me. Those cheeks!

The site design is quite clean and super easy to navigate. I love the "favorite" feature because you can kind of go into your own world scrolling through all the gorgeous prints and not lose track of what you like! Honestly, it was hard to choose what art print I wanted because there is such a variety, and, really, I want it ALL! But we can't have all the lovely prints, now can we? Thankfully, I was able to choose "Flora in Peach II". I picked it because it is bright and had lots of green...and because my daughter's name is Flora Mae!

The framing options are lovely--at least in appearance! I am hoping the quality is also lovely. They have some respectable and desirable designs. Many businesses like this have horrendous, cheap, and cheesy framing options leaving me to frame my work myself, but look at these! Adorable! I'll let you know how these turn out!

Until then!

Off to have a baby!

When I first found out I was pregnant on January 15, I had no idea how it would change my heart and ultimately make all of my dreams come true.  These pregnant months have been full of intense change--in my body, my career, my marriage.  There's been some fear and uncertainty mixed in there, as well as hope and sheer joy for what is to come.  Most people would say they don't like change.  Change can be painful, terrifying, doubt-ridden, and full of anxiety.  I'm sure if we are all honest we can say we've experienced those feelings first hand at times in life, but we have so much to be thankful for in change.

There is hope, beauty, and greater things beyond what we have gotten used to in our day to day living.  Things we never knew we wanted or needed.  In this particular change, my little girl has pushed me toward my dream of photographing full time and has enriched my marriage and other relationships.  I have been encouraged that she is arriving in the most perfect time even though I thought I had yeeeears before I would have a baby.  ;) I look forward to getting to know her and how she will continue to enrich my life and bring beauty into the world.  I just can't wait to know her!  

I will be on maternity leave starting now, August 1, 2014, using this time before the baby arrives to finish up client sessions.  I'm not sure when normal operations will resume, but I'm tentatively planning to be back for more photo sessions in mid November!  Please feel free to send me an e-mail knowing that I may not be able to give a timely response.  If you would like to stay up to date, please follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or "Like" me on Facebook and select "Get Notifications"!  I plan to post some baby updates there and post my latest work as well.

Thank you to my kind and talented husband, Kevin, for making these images of me as a pregnant lady!  I am ecstatic for what this new season of being a mama will bring and how it will inspire my work.  I look forward to seeing you all soon!

Portrait Photography: Kevin Schuck
Still Life Photography & Editing: Sadie Schuck


Curtis & Leah Looper

“Leah, how are you feeling?”

        “Peaceful,” she said with the sweetest grin.

What joy it is knowing that what you are about to do is right and there is nothing in your soul that disagrees.

“Wow, just wow.”

There was nothing uptight or artificial about this intimate ceremony at The Clark House.  Only light hearts, laughter and pure & simple joy.  

The reactions are priceless when the officiant accidentally referred to Curtis as his brother Caleb. Oops! :)

Mr. and Mrs. Curtis & Leah Looper!

Party on!

Thank you to the Spear & Looper family for inviting me to document this wedding!  I seriously had tears well up in my eyes behind camera watching how much you love each other.  Cheers to Curtis & Leah!!

Location: The Clark House - Livingston, TN
Hair & Makeup: Sierra Mack Wilson

All photos © Sadie Schuck 2014 

To purchase prints or digital downloads from this wedding please contact me by clicking here!

I do believe it is going to be a good year

Happy brand new, beautiful year! Also, happy happy birthday to my adorable husband Kevin, the biggest supporter of my dreams!  I can't imagine life without this kindhearted, cheerful, patient, hard-working, talented fellow!  See some images I created of him this past December.

Reflecting on 2013 and celebrating the life of my husband fills my soul with gratitude.  It surely has been a transformational year for the both of us.  Kevin has played a huge role in my growth as a person and as a photographer--he is truly my champion and best friend.  I know I sound like a cheese biscuit, but I am genuinely honored to get to wildly chase both of our dreams with Kevin!

I’ve thought a lot about what I want 2014 to look like.  This year I want to live a life that is lighter, balanced, focused, and adventurous.  What about you?

What are some words that you would use to describe the kind of 2014 you desire to have?