Sadie Schuck

Hi, there! My name is Sadie Schuck and I am so thrilled and honored you’re here! I began making photos of people and memories at a young age with a basic film camera I received as a gift. I so looked forward to when I could pick up my package of prints. I still get giddy when I see the work I did with a client in print, fresh from the package! I love photos that way; in my hands, in frames, on walls. I love the feel of the matte paper (just a brief touch with clean hands, of course!), and I smile so big when the frame I picked out goes perfectly with the tones in the image I made, just like I hoped it would.

I’m so thankful for the importance of photography in my family growing up. The prints my family made are a gift to me. I learned to make sure to take a picture of “important” days, and also to photograph the normal and mundane. Christmas always seems to come year after year, and, trust me, I’ve got photos of that, but what I might forget is the way my daughter’s curls bounce when she chases bees in the backyard or that November all my grandparents met her for the first time. I don’t ever want to forget that. I know what it is like to regret not having a photo taken. I also know what it is like to look at a photo from a vanished memory and then having forgotten details come flooding back to me.

I’m a photographer because I love the honor of knowing people and telling their stories. Being a part of the process of people seeing their own beauty and value and helping them remember people and memories that are important to them is the most beautiful kind of work. Your own life story is worth remembering. I am able to provide you with a fun, relaxed, comfortable experience and gorgeous prints to have for your whole family to enjoy for decades. Former clients have messaged me saying, “Sadie, we are crying going through these images. These mean so much to us.” and “Sadie, these are exactly what we were hoping for.”

I am calm, welcoming, unobtrusive, genuine, and comfortable to work with. I earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Social Work and my skills enable me to practice empathy with my clients. This allows us to create truly authentically beautiful images together. Building a connection with my clients is of greatest importance to me.

My husband, Kevin, and I live in a little cottage in Nashville, Tennessee with our lovely daughter Flora Mae and her puppy brother, Richard. I love spending my days with my daughter, friends & family, trying new foods, watching Youtube to learn how to do things I never thought I could do, reading books, laughing really hard, practicing yoga, gardening, holistic health, and painting. I hope to meet you soon!